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Bro & Sis Vallery are a new addition to the PRC leadership team.  They lead our Home Fellowship Group Ministry for PRC.  If you are interested in a home bible study, please feel free to contact them at the provided contact numbers.

A couple that is committed to the work of GOD; compassionate about winning souls and advancing the Apostolic Pentecostal way of life.  

Nathan was born and raised in rural Louisiana where he was brought up in an Apostolic Pentecostal environment. In 1986, as a young adult, he left home to become the Youth Pastor in South Carolina and remained there for just over one year.  Returning home to Louisiana and struggling with his lack of success in the ministry; Nathan worked locally until he was twenty-four and then joined the U.S. Air Force and continued to serve until 2012 when he retired with 21 years of service.

Kyoko was born and raised in Japan where she graduated from Chuo University.  She was brought up outside of the Christian faith and without any religious structure.  In desperation and struggling with life…GOD visited Kyoko on the street and began to draw her to the Bible.  She began searching for a church where she could experience the presence of GOD.  Kyoko visited a United Pentecost Missions Church and knew there was something different about this place.  She returned to this church for a three night revival with Rev. David Doan (from Okinawa) where she received the Holy Ghost on the third night and was baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sin.  GOD had recently led her to a new job where her co-worker was a Japanese United Pentecostal minister (Rev. Seiken Yokoyama).  GOD had placed someone in her life to answer the many, many questions she had and teach her a Bible study. This was truly the hand of GOD at every turn  

Nathan was stationed in Japan where he met Kyoko in 2001 and they were later married.  Together they moved from place to place while serving in the U.S. Air Force.  While in Las Vegas GOD began to renew His anointing in their lives and they became more involved in the ministry at Praise Tabernacle United Pentecost Church.  In 2010 they moved to Maryland where Nathan and Kyoko began teaching Sunday School at Cross Creek Apostolic Church in Beltsville, MD.  In 2014 Pastor John Overton asked them to become the Sunday School Directors.  They began monthly teacher training meetings and recruited new teachers to expand classes and programs.  Over the next two years they wrote and directed two Easter plays, two Christmas plays, coordinated two “Community Back to School Rallies” and two “Fall Festivals”.  Through the grace and anointing of Jesus Christ over these two years the Sunday School grew from just 22 children to over 50.

 In the Fall of 2016 GOD began to lead their lives in a new direction and opened the door for Nathan and Kyoko to move to Guam.  Since arriving in Guam they have been a part of Pacific Revival Center where GOD continues to use them to advance HIS Kingdom.


   October 2018   
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