Elfrida Hirosak-Ngiraked

Prayer Director

Elfrida Hirosak-Ngiraked

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My name is Sis Elfrida Hirosak Ngiraked.   Sis Elfrida as been a member of Pacific Revival Center since 2009.

*I am married to Assistant Pastor Roisibang Atalig Ngiraked. We have four children and three grandchildren.*
*Self employed since 1991.*

*We dedicate our everyday life to serving the LORD JESUS CHRIST. And with GOD’S help, my husband and I, want to win more souls to the LORD.*

*I’m blessed serving GOD with prayer ministry, under the care of Senior Pastor Ronald de Guzman.*

*Note: For prayer requests call or email us.* 671-687-7302 or elfridahirosak7@gmail.com