Peter Lujan

AV Director & Board Member

Peter Lujan

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Peter John C. Lujan has been serving as Pacific Revival Center’s Audio/Visual Director since 2001. Since then, he has assisted with audio/visual duties for the UPCI Micronesia Conferences, not only in Guam but also in Palau and Pohnpei.

Peter graduated in 1996 from the Guam Community College’s Vocational High School with an emphasis in Electronics. In 1999, he completed the Guam Fire Academy conducted by both the Guam Fire Department and the Guam Community College.

In addition to his firefighter duties, he is also a Nationally Certified Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT), including a Hazardous Material Technician and a Pro-Board-Certified Instructor for the Guam Fire Department. Peter also currently functions as the Guam Weightlifting Federation, President under the umbrella of the Guam National Olympic Committee. Furthermore, he is enlisted in the United States Air National Guard.

Not knowing the plans, the Lord had for him, Peter had his eyes set on Melissa (PRC’s current Treasurer) in high school. However, due to her focusing on her academics and the Ministry, she did not notice Peter until years later. In 1999, they re-connected, and he started attending PRC regularly. Peter proposed in 2000 before Melissa participated in the Sydney Olympic Games. In 2001, they married.

Their two oldest children are heavily involved in PRC’s youth activities including Vacation Bible School. Their extracurricular activities involve the Andersen Air Force Base Civil Air Patrol Cadet Squadron and sports. Nissi Abishai enjoys wrestling. She is currently on the Simon Sanchez High School Wrestling Team, a member of the Fudoshin Fitness Wrestling Team, and will compete in the 2022 Oceania Wrestling Championship. Malachi John is a member of the Fudoshin Fitness Weightlifting Team, Youth Division. He desires to be on the Guam Weightlifting National Team, Youth Division. They also have two younger children, Moriah Jean (age: 6) and Peter John (PJ age:5).